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Things I Love About Mako: how he is so worried for his brother that he confronts korra. we don’t know how long korra and bolin’s date was, but we can assume it was at least a few hours. mako is not willing to leave the issue to another day—he doesn’t want his brother to get any more hurt than he will. mako is trying to have korra see that she is leading bolin on so she can stop before it gets any worse.

Things I Love About Mako: people tell me when they see this scene they get angry at mako, but i ask, why? korra had just agreed to go one a date with mako’s younger brother after telling mako that he liked him. if you had a younger sibling and the same thing happened to you, you would feel just as concerned. sure, you could say that mako was jealous here but that’s not the point. i see the hurt look of a boy who is just looking after his brother. if there is any player in this scene, it’s korra. not mako.

Things I Love About Mako: up until korra’s confession, mako was sure that he and korra were just friends. he had no inclination that she felt otherwise and now, after meeting asami and hearing bolin’s interest in korra, he’s confronted with korra’s own confession. he wasn’t going to drop asami and act indifferent to his brother right then and there—it would have been wrong. so, mako did what any other sensible person would have and turned her down. and yet, all the while he felt bad for doing it because he knew he was hurting her feelings and it pains him to do so.

Things I Love About Mako: his genuine shock at korra’s affection. call him a player all you want, this is not the look of a manipulator. had mako been trying to gain korra’s affections from the beginning of the series, he would have never looked shocked in this scene. just another moment that proves mako’s humanity—he didn’t realize the effect he had on korra and had never meant to lead her on.

Things I Love About Mako: his face in the arena just screams sexy.

Things I Love About Mako: how mako cares for his brother. although the advice was partially influenced by his own mixed feelings, mako’s words still hold truth and show that he truly is looking out for bolin. just as he works hard to put food on the table for them, mako also tries his best to never see his younger brother get hurt.

Things I Love About Mako: there are multiple things i love about this scene. the thing that stands out most though is how his whole conversation with bolin seems to be mako talking to himself. he is trying reason with himself why he is going out with asami and not with korra. when he had first met korra, he treated her as if she were any other person—not the avatar. that made for a pretty rough start. with asami, everything was easy. what mako is trying to figure out here is whether or not he wants this easy love. not to say that asami isn’t an amazing person, but love should challenge people for the better and he gets that with korra.

Things I Love About Mako: how dorky he and asami are when they’re dating.

Things I Love About Mako: how he’s such a great leader. whether it’s in the middle of a huddle for the fire ferrets or outside of the arena, mako is always the one that encourages the rest of the krew. moreover he’s always got a team plan up his sleeve whenever necessary.

Things I Love About Mako: the look on his face here. i’ve heard so many people accuse mako of playing asami or korra, but just look—this is not the look of a manipulative jerk. this is the look of someone who truly cares for another person. while he may not offer his heart to asami in the end, he never once was insincere about his feelings.